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Swinging Through Singapore

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As we mentioned in the Philippines blog we were happy to be on our way. The boys had had enough of the Filipino food wreaking havoc on their bodies and Monique had had enough of being cooped inside because of her rashes. So Singapore was a breath of fresh air. We arrived at the Changi airport and easily caught the subway to our hostel. We stumbled a bit but managed to find our new home for the next 3 days. However it had been a long day of traveling, we started at 5am and it was now 8pm. So we all reluctantly agreed to eat McDonald's for dinner and it was actually quite an event, Monique had her first Big Mac of her life, but her small mouth couldn’t handle it, she wasn’t up to par with the boys. After our healthy dinner we headed back to the hostel where the boys quickly realized how “uncomfortable” it can be to share toilets, with the Filipino food still in their systems in made for an early and somewhat uncomfortable night.
Michael and Andrew on the Subway

The next morning, refreshed after a good night sleep and our first hot shower in weeks we headed out to explore the ultra clean and orderly country that is Singapore. We first decided to explore the old colonial area which remains after being ruled by the British. We saw the famous Victoria concert hall, the old parliament house, St Andrew’s Cathedral, City hall and the Supreme Court. All of which have been beautifully preserved, and were nice to see.
The very orderly street crossing which everyone abides by
City Hall
Read the label and you will understand
Also read and understand, funny labels in different languages
St. Andrew's Cathedral
Parliament House
War memorial
The gang
Interesting Statue
The gang posing
The road lines are drawn crooked for some unknown reason

After such an orderly and calm experience we decided to immerse Andrew in his first South East Asia Chinatown experience. Of course we weren’t let down; it was an insane market with thousands of people going in every direction. It also didn’t disappoint as the boys were looking for some special material. It turns out Michael and Andrew thought it would be a wonderful idea to “borrow” some seat belts from the plane we had debarked into Singapore. However they quickly realized the seat belts would be too small to fit around their waists as they were for children. So China town being notorious for selling absolutely anything, the boys easily found an extension for their belts.
Busy Chinatown

After 5 hours of walking we were all exhausted and headed back to the hostel for a rest. The boys sewed their new belts and strutted around the hostel showing them off with great pride! After some rest we set out again for dinner. This time we decided to venture to Little India. Michael and I had become accustomed to the Chinatown’s insanity, but Little India blew us out of the water. There were thousands of people everywhere, or should we say thousands of Indian men everywhere, truly there wasn’t a woman in sight except Monique. We pushed our way through the crowds of people who were screaming at each other. It felt like we were in the twilight zone, we were surrounded by people shouting and selling everything. We walked around for a bit to find a restaurant that was “clean enough” to eat at and appeared to have somewhat “normal” food on display. We entered the one restaurant with pictures. The boys agreed to eat here, Monique on the other hand after watching the “gentleman” across from her eat with his hand, or should we say shovel the food into his mouth with his hand, she was a little turned off. The boys ordered chicken and got pork, and Monique kept it simple and ordered bread, even that was interesting. After dinner, with the boys stomachs still a little off, we quickly headed back to the hostel for a “safe” toilet.
Andrew enjoying his meal
Michael enjoying his meal
The food choices, appealing eh!

The next morning we tried to set out early as we had aspirations to do a lot. Michael wanted to go to the Botanical gardens, Andrew wanted to see an Art gallery and Monique wanted to go to the Zoo. In the end, the boys were tired and decided to give into Monique and go to the Zoo, which ended up being an incredible experience for all of us. The Singapore Zoo is famous for its open concept style in which the animals literally roam free (for the most part). They have large areas and seem to be treated very very well. Some of the highlight animals included a Komodo dragon, White Tigers, and the warthog (Andrew’s favourite, for unknown reasons).
Cute little monkey like creatures
Monique's safari outfit at the zoo
White tiger eating lunch
Monique fitting in
Komodo dragon
The gang at the Zoo

After another long day of walking we headed back to the hostel to relax. We had another McDonald’s dinner sadly as Andrew was exhausted and Michael’s back was killing him. At this point we loved Singapore but were ready to move on to Indonesia in the hopes we would all feel better and be able to party like Rock stars in Bali! Funny how quickly three days goes by.

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